Lisa is an editor-in-chief, writer and graphic designer with a passion for spiritual studies, alternative healing, and animals. She founded her freelance business, DragonFly Nation LLC, in 2008. Prior to that, Lisa spent 20 years as an editor and editor-in-chief for two of the largest business-to-business publishers in the United States, serving the apparel and construction/home building industries.

DragonFly Nation LLC offers a range of creative services, with an emphasis on cost-effective, turnkey editorial and design projects for both print and web. Lisa’s current contracts include serving as the editor of Transformation Coaching Magazine and the executive director of the C. G. Jung Society of Sarasota. She has a B.S. in Fashion Design from Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science, attended graduate school at the University of South Carolina School of Journalism and Mass Communication and received an AS degree is Graphic Design Technology from State College of Florida.

Lisa’s universal worldview changed following a profound near-death experience in 2002, during which she was given the opportunity to come back to our world and finish her learning journey in this life.

“In every action we take and with every thought and emotion we generate, there is an opportunity to connect with and be guided by our higher consciousness. Synchronicities, those meaningful coincidences that have no rational explanation, are a sign that we are operating outside the confines of the laws of physical reality. It is from this place that we realize we are the co-creators of our reality through our limitless imagination.